Exhibition of Rade Tepavčević / from 5. until 14 March 2019. / Exhibition opening on 5. March at 19h

By giving animals human characteristics to send message easily, Tepavčević allegorically refers to human and animals(dogs). Images follow the form of ads that have become an inevitable part of everyday life in today’s society. The content was used to establish easier and faster communication with observers. The text he is using is an integral part of making the image and are often inspired by folk recitals and various life situations. The text form is concise in order to achieve dynamics, but it is purified from needless words that would divide the image from the essence. Text and situations caricatured, but not so much to be far from the truth, so we can recognize them as real. In the works because of the symbolism, the dog’s motive most often appears.

This young artist from Novi Sad manages to show trough satirical depictions of people attitude towards animals all the absurdities of the society in which we live, wittily drawing attention to a distorted value system in the modern era of consumerism. Rade Tapičević, one of the most popular young authors on our art scene, is trying to contribute to the change of perception, to return forgotten values, but also not to get into superficiality. As an author attracted by street art aesthetic, the painter canvas is often successfully replaced for tarpaulin. The painting manuscript and the selection of the material with which it creates points to the punk rebellion that Tapičević uses in the critique of modern society. His actions can also bee associated with the symbols and advertising which we can see on a daily basis. The work which at first glance seems simplistic and humorous deals with serious subjects and opens so many questions asked by young people. The works of Rade Tapičević openly talk about social phenomena emphasizing violence as one of the main problems of the present times.

The ironic images followed by the slogans taken from the advertisement indicate that the constant need for material things is nonsense, by placing a sign of equality between people and goods, which has long been established in today’s system of values.

With the power of moves, originality, and philosophical deliberation in every message sent to us, Rade Tapičević, with humorous pictures – ads, without compromise finds and shatters its way to the well-deserved place of one of the leading authors of the younger generation in our country…


Rade Tepačević (1994) graduates primary academic studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of professor Bosliljka Zirojević Lečić. Currently, he’s attending master studies at the same faculty under the mentorship of professor Dragana Matić. Since, 2014. he has been actively exhibiting at numerous group exhibitions and has had nine exhibitions. He’s the winner of several awards for his work, of which to most important is the prize of the XXII Spring annals, which is awarded by “Vladislav Petković Dis” library from the town of Čačak. He was in a residential stay at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg in Austria, under the supervision of Pauline Olowske. In addition to painting, he also deals with illustration and design.