Visiting an exhibition from EYES ON festival from Vienna, thanks to Thomas Licek.

Wolfgange Milner’s photos are more diverse sea panoramas that we recognize from numerous holiday photos. The horizon divides the picture exactly in the middle. MIller takes information on the colors that are “inscribed” in each picture and calcuates the mean value of the tonal values of the sky as well. With these values he “maps” the original motif with monochrome surfaces, pushing it to the edges of a photograph where he serves only as a “mat” for a new form of interpretation of the same segment of reality.

Martin Brajndl in his cycle Die Sehnsucht nach dem Meer (a detailed version) describes the same motifs as MIlner, almost literally. The words SKY and SEA that stand one above the other imaginary line of the horizon are divided into half and construct them again. Step by step, Bryundle concretizes this disassembly, in which he uses the same method of aggregate states and spectral perception, which almost simultaneously expressed as a reflection in the mirror.

Miles and Braille works are essentially essays. The dialogue between photos played with a border between photo and graphics. What is a lot of Sea scenes for Milner, language variations for Braddle. Both perspectives are systematized and stylized, pointing to a world view increasingly perceived by machine perceptions, industry standards, and norms.

In cooperation with Kulturforum Belgrade, with the help of the City Break Apartments- Belgrade Apartments and Espiga Serbia.