According to Richard Avedon at the photographic portrait created in the studio “you isolated people from their ambiance”1. Here visage and pose model became a sort of filed exploration and display of being portrayed person. Unlike this type, a portrait outside of the studio or an ambiance portrait sets slightly different challenges for the photographer. In his epochal photographic opus and the study of the People of the 20th century, August Sander showed people of different professions and social classes in exterior and interior surrounded by object and traces that reveal their personality. In a different approach and aesthetics, Arnold Newman revealed some of the worlds most famous composers, musicians, actors, artists, placing them right into their living or working space. Over time, these spaces have become and can be observed as places that together with the person being photographed contain (un)visible stories and the part of their identity.

Photos of nine students of the module Photo of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade with directly or immediate ways shows the portraits of their friends, acquaintances and other persons mostly in private, but also in the working and public environment. They start from work in which the environment is barely noticeable while the focus is still oriented towards the face and person body, through the symbolic ones in which the old portraits become bearers of the action, to those who give us insight into to world and personality “friendless ones” individuals in their homes and peoples of certain social and cultural groups. To all in common are attempts to show the connection of persons in different ways and places that are more or less determined and draws on the surface his character.

Jelena Matić