OFF THE ROAD | 19.06 – 29.06.2017.

The exhibition the Off The Road deals with the presentation of various aspects of movement and migration policies, as well as the position of man today. The project, in a certain way, thematizes the transitional interstate as a wider social context, as well as the emerging circumstances that are the result of increasing migration. From this perspective, we can treat reality as truth and objectivity, and as a potential and opportunity. In this case, we can think of it as something that is in general accepted, although we live in parallel in a reality that is changing daily and determining us. This project intends to engage primary curiosity for what is current, to be a part of it, to participate and to create a common one. The artistic gestures and reactions of the selected authors guided by the impulse of returning the individual to her rehabilitation through the artistic gestures. The essence of these works and what they would to a great measure be in common is the management of one’s own life and its guarding everyday life.


The Collection Art Platform aimed at activating cultural production with a particular emphasis on contemporary artistic tendencies and work in “new media” and advanced technologies, as well as the affirmation of alternative and experimental cultural practice and multimedia approach in art. One of the objectives is to support quality internationalization and international presentation of culture by developing programs of international cultural cooperation and exchange.


Artists: Lidija Delic, Mirza Dedac, Nemanja Golijanin, Tadija Janicic, Nikola Kekerovic, Mila Panic, Tijana Radenkovic, Ivan Sukovic, Sasa Tatic