Project O3ONE, Štab, and Kulturforum ODKR are pleased to announce the results of the open public competition for exhibiting at the Pro3or gallery in 2019.

Over 150 proposals for exhibitions and projects of artists and curators were submitted to the contest, among which the council members made the selection for the next exhibition season under the title “The Act of Art”. A large number of applications testify to the existence of a significant scene of young artists and the need nourishes and develop this scene.

In this regard, the advice was guided by the principle of presenting and supporting as many artistic and curatorial exhibitions and projects as possible within the existing technical conditions, so more than 50 proposals went into the wider choice, from which the shortlist from the main exhibition program was formed.

In addition to those proposals that have been selected from the main exhibition program, they have also received suggestions from which the art council will form a special cycle of the group and pop-up exhibitions that will be presented by authors whose works show common interest and mutual contest. During the evaluation of the proposal the council guided by the criteria of technical and conceptual innovation and a critical review of contemporary aesthetic and sociocultural concepts and topics.

In the inner circle of the main program of the Pro3or Gallery in 2019., the following proposals were included :

Milica Lazarević, Izabela Mašić, Modern Belgrade, Lena Milovanovic i Lazar Njegomirović, New Age Fetival, Vladimir Lalić, Andrej Josifovski Pijanista, Milka Žunjanin, Snežana Zlatković, Vladimir Miljkovic, Ljuba Popovic, Marija Bjeković, Tina Radulović i Marija Radulović, Milena Apostolović, Tara Rodić, Milan Jovanović, Boris Lukić, Vladimir Vasić with which the art team will consult on the terms and technical compexity of project realization.

In the extended circle of the Pro3or Gallery main program in 2019., the following proposals were included : 

Marina Kostić, Ada O, Vinka Gašparević, Dejan Krstić, Marija Jeftić, Aleksandar Stojanović, Sonja Šurbatović, Žarko Andrejević, Milica Lilić, Jovana Radujko, Goran Rister, Aleksandra Ilić, Suzana Vukovic, Lojovic Milica, Nevena Kosović, Strahinja Simic, Ivana Gelić, Aleksandra Ilić, Adrijen Ujhazi, Jana Stojakovic, Jelena Prikopović, Sofija Ivanović, Hikaru Nebojša Vukelić, Lazlo Antal, Aleksandra i Ana Nikolic, Milica Simić, Vid Savić, Jovana Šarac, Kasija Milenkovic, Aleksandar Stanojević, kolektivna, Željana Stojanovic, Lea Embeli, Kupara art, Milena Apostolović, Vladimir Bexx, Dunja Ožegović, Master Art, Nada Krcunović.

As part of 2019. Pro3or Gallery, a special program of artists will be realized that did not participate in the announced competition.

The council will contact the authors of the selected proposals for further reconciliation. The council will especially contact the authors of the selected proposals of the expanded program of group and pop-up exhibitions, for creating content and reconciliation. The council has the right to change the program, about which the authors will be notified in a timely manner.