From 7.2 until 16.2.2019. Opening on Thursday at 7.2. 19h

In my artwork, I am studying the form through interior design.

The interiors I represented in my paintings are rooms or room parts with which I encountered, these are the spaces in which I spent time and who remained in my subconscious. Sometimes these are combinations – compositions of several different spaces and sometimes fictional spaces or combination of real and fictitious. As I’m more interested in researching the art forms than just representing the interior, I reduced the images of interior spaces and lead to unrecognizable. In this process, I use the surface that builds the space “remaking” the way it suits me creating a new form- composition, derived from basic geometric shapes; with such solutions, in pictures, I use the most prominent staircase drawing that is in the function of symbols and drawings of the door, which are some basis for recognizing the initial interior design. These symbols are simplified, the staircase can be perceived as a recognizable form because it’s clearly presented, while the door symbol is represented by a linear drawing that creates an open rectangular shape where the line continues its course and beyond the given form.

The basic artistic element that prevails on my works is the line, it is either the carrier of another element (color- colored line) or it builds it (surface – the line is a constructive element). Also, on most works, the perspective is completely lost, which is somewhat present; pictures represent two-dimensional compositions. By omitting the perspective, the illusion of the depth of the painted space is lost, “capacitance” I build in another way – by creating a third dimension in a literal sense; I started to use depth of the frame as an integral part of the image.

I draw and paint on the edges of the blind frame, while I selected “boxes” made of medium density fiberboard. Namely, this is a box made of an object which is made from medium density fiberboards.

Milka Žunjanin /

Born on 08.05.1994. in the town of Kruševac. She graduated in high art school in Kraljevo, as a technician for conservation and restoration in 2013. After finishing high school she enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad as a painter in the class of professor  Bosiljke Zirojević Lečić. She is currently a student of master academic studies at the same faculty.


Solo exhibition:

“(DE)konstrukcija prostora”, Gallery of National Universety Trstenik, Serbia;
“(DE)konstrukcija prostora”, Galerry “Reflaktor” Užice, Serbia;
02.03. – 08. 03. 2017.
“Kulturna trampa“, Gallery “Polet” Belgrade, Serbia;
Group exhibitions:
25.12.-27. 12.2018.
Humnitarian exhibition “Budii ti Deda Mraz”, gallery Kvaka 22, Belgrade, Serbia;
15. 11. 2018.
November salon of visual arts, gallery of Natioanal museum of Kraljevo, Kraljevo, Serbia; curator: Suzana Novčić
25.11. 2017.
Desire Central Station Festival, Subotica
15.11.-30.11. 2017.
November salon of visual arts, galleryof National museum of Kraljevo, Kraljevo, Serbia; curator: Suzana Novčić
16. 06. – 30.06. 2017.
Graduation exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts, Gallery of Fine Arts gift collection Rajko Mamuzić, Novi Sad, Serbia;
06. 2015.
The final exhibition of III year students, gallery „Hol“, Academy of Arts, Tvrđava
06. 2014.
Exhibition of students of second basic academic studies, Gallery “Most” Novi Sad, Serbia;


Film: “Sunce, žito”, on the occation of celebrating 120 years of Milan Konjović;Production : Memorial – collection of  Pavle Beljanski, editor: mr Milan Kvas, realization: Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, režija: Milan Nikić, painters: Rade Tepavčević, Aleksandar Stanojević, Milka Žunjanin, Aleksa Jovonović
04. 2016.
Mural: “Sigurna kuća”, Social center of children without parents, mentor: Vidoje Tucović, Novi Sad, Serbia;
24.-26. 08. 2018.
„Art okupacija“, the student art festival in the organization of Cultural Centar „Laza Kostić“, Sombor, Serbia;
16. 06.2018.
One-day artistic performance and paint exhibition „Bečej noću“, Bečej, Serbia;