Tara Rodić  / From 15. until 27.3.2019. /  Opening on Friday 15.3.2019. at 19h

Daily impressions transfused on cardboard. Funny and less funny circumstances and people. One way in the use of color and substrate. Little daily writings that in the end look like twiddling. Maybe wasted time which certainly exists! That is how cardboard pictures have been developed and I called it “Дангубалија”. When it comes to the point that philosophy is dawdling. From huge ectasis, we came to the state of an empty ball, from a big picture we make a small picture hehe… That’s how Дангубалија deals with a bit of drive, a few daily events, few people with whom I exchange a word. Sometimes is not revered by the real name. So we are not wondering if some of the circumstances, our virtues, and failures the conclusion we came are really so important. Is the painting understandable, or is it one vainly spent connection between artists and others? How much work should be reduced to symbols in order to understand it? A question like a picture. The picture like the question. These two questions are actually pictures on cardboard in a series of works that are called Дангубалија. Like is told, the cardboard is suffering and tameless and tameable thoughts have been put in action. Maybe that’s how one philosophic way has been called by the name of Дангубалија.