Dejan Ivanovic Wuper / Opening 22.01.2019. at 19h / from 22.01.2019 until 02.02.2019.

“Zanat” is the name of the new series of works on which I am currently working. I grew up with a family that has always been engaged in crafting activities, and I also have a huge number of a craftsman friend. Since inspiration and ideas are mostly drawn from my surroundings, I decided to show loved ones, at the moment of performing certain actions, characteristic for specific crafts. The images are based on spontaneously created photographs of dear ones, in moments of action, typical of that craft. Also, one of the reasons for this concept is the preservation of our tradition, culture, and preservation of identity. The craft was always present in our everyday life and is an integral part of our heritage. Although only a part of the true values we possess is closest to me, and I think I can contribute to its preservation. There are numerous examples of old, traditional, Serbian crafts that have fallen into oblivion. The technologies that are being developed from day to day are accelerating this process, there are fewer places for craftsmen in modern society. I want to contribute to the preservation of crafts, because of the thin boundary between art and crafts, sometimes can get lost.


Dejan Ivanovic, born in 1993. in Novi Sad, lives and works in Indjija. He graduated in graphic design in 2017., at the Belgrade School of Professional Studies Belgrade Polytechnic, in the class of Prof. Duška Trifunovića. Since 2007., he has been actively involved in painting the walls and continuously raising the quality and level of his work while at the same time shaping his characteristic style. In the foreground, he works on wall surfaces, however, since 2016., with equal attention to the approach to painting on canvas, and in general, researching and improving painting techniques. He participated in a number of local and international Street Art festivals where he won several recognition and awards. On a street scene, he is known by the name – Wuper.