On Thursday 17.11 at 7 pm in the PRO3OR Center for Balance Gallery will be held for the second time “BG Drum Circle” – the celebration of free rhythm.

The Belgrade’s “Drum Circle” organization invite all percussionists, drummers, masters, and beginners to join their talent, feeling for the rhythms, instruments, as well as the audience who will dance rhythms of the world with their rings, whistles on Thursday, November 17, from 7 pm to 9 pm. They arrive at the PRO3OR Center for Balance at the Koca Popovic Street (Zagrebacka) No. 9 and leave the rhythm.


Drum Circle is every group of people playing percussion and hand drums in the circle, in the community. The free rhythmic expression is an end in itself, and tolerance and listening to others, the acceptance and transmission of rhythmic phrases by the inspiration of individuals, a kind of musical dialogue, is a feature of the culture of the old peoples. It always includes people of all ages, no leaders, no elders, only the goal of all rhythmically harmonizing, to form group consciousness. A free rhythm that opiates are always an irresistible open call for dance, vocal and all-around improvisation. Twenty years ago from “Noise at 7:30 pm”, when the Drum Circle rhythm protested violently across the streets of entire Serbia.

The last year’s atmosphere of Drum Circle, a successful division of joy of rhythm, is also recorded as a video:

BG Drum Circle Organized:
Balkan Music Box,
What Do You Want,
PRO3OR Gallery and
Center for Balance.