Between the 1960s and the early 1990s, a vast array of vinyl was released by a great assortment of rock musicians, creating a powerful and influential music scene. The photographs and designs that packaged the single and LP releases from that period are still worthy of our attention and attract much interest. The plethora of vinyl releases from this period also provided us with a wide range of visual designs to cast our eyes over whilst enjoying the music, from the romantic, grotesque, provocative and censured, through to classical art photographs, the funny and even at times non-inspirational art. Many are now recognized as design masterpieces and this retrospective aims to highlight a small part of that history.

The collectors’ passion for this period of vinyl releases is still visible today and the “A Long, Long Time Ago…” exhibition displays some of the rich aesthetics created in that period that still hold our attention in the present day.
The exhibition is a result of collaboration between Radio Belgrade’s Sound Archive and Belgrade Photo Month.

Cover Selection: Petar Janjatović
Curator: Ružica Vrhovac
Vinyl obtained by Radio Belgrade Sound Archive and courtesy of private collectors.