Mirza Dedac: Event
Stevan Kitic: Smoke
Milos Bogdanovic: Milos 1995.


Gallery PRO3OR

1 – 31. August 2017.


Why do some childhood memories last so long and persistently in us? How, and when, and why do they come to the surface of our consciousness and after so many years of forgetting? I do not know who this is who could break the end of this complex procession and give at least some accurate and plausible answers to these questions. For, these are not only superficial impressions and transient moods, but the small worlds that live buried in us, waiting for their resurrection.

 Ivo Andric,  Signs by the Road, Svjetlost, Sarajevo, 1976.


How, why and why do we remember that? Does our mind save us from the more beautiful things? Do we really remember the smells? How does the remembrance change and can its wisdom be measured? For example, how do we remember the first days of June 2008? The opening of Ready made/re-made Slavka Timotijevica, the ULUS gallery was provided by the police, Partizan is the first basketball team, the construction of the Airport City is completed, Yves Saint Laurent, Bo Diddley, Saban Bajramovic… Barack Obama is a Democrat candidate for the President of the United States, the trial of Dragoljub Milanovicu was postponed for the sixth time, the Palace of Justice was evacuated 24 times since the beginning of the year due to a false report on the bomb, Ana Ivanovic won Roland Garros, the Japanese police arrested T. Kata, formed by joining a coalition of democrats and SPS… and in Zora, the start of the Fluizam Summer Festival of the FLU Gallery begins.

2008 – 2017.

Synchrony an unoffical link between the events. Predict the event before the real conditions for its appearance appear like..like William Herchel who discovered the planet Uranus in 1781. Uranus is 1781 mile away from the sun. Herchel died when he was 84,01 years old. 84,01 corresponds exactly to one Uranus year. You get it?

Mlan Oklopdzic, CA Blues, Bigz, Belgrade, 1986.

The young dean and curator FLU rescued in June 2008 to both the Gallery and opened it during a big break. After 35 years of age they called for clashes to clear the area: Nikola Velicki i Damjan Kovacevic opened the 1. Fluizme exhibition (No) Ready Made on the remains of the drawings on the wall of Simon Halfmayer. Rock ‘n’Roll was a logical trail of things and in 2009 the musicians who finished the FLU-Tempo exhibition, the tempo! They followed the raising noise and rage in the Gallery and Expositions! Events and interventions in the field of comics, love, fashion, silence, presentation of independent artistic spaces, perceptions with chased perception. FLUizmi are now after 10 years, instead of retrospect, recapitulation, reevaluation, re,re … are displaced from the gallery space and FLU showroom. Composed of craving and impatience, Summer Programs thus remain the moments of independence, freedom and impression of adventure.


Nomadic Weather Capsules


There is one language, says M-L, I think it’s called MESKALERO, in which the verbs never change in time. There is neither past nor future time in that language.

Well? I said. You see, if we learned that language, we could live longer.

Mlan Oklopdzic, CA Blues, Bigz, Belgrade, 1986.

The occurrence of Time Capsules is associated with the late XIX and early XX centuries especially in America. In 200, the most famous-Detroit time capsule was ceremonially opened after a century spent in the country. Beginning of the new era, among other things, they also set forth predictions of the future from the letters of 56 distinguished citizens of Detroit at the transition from the 19th to the 20th century. Weather Capsules are potential communications with the future. The fragments of the past and the elusive present are packed, condensed and preserved for some new, futuristic readings. All three times they are being examined. The Cascade Capsule Project consists of 3 exhibits- memories of memory, its distortion, comic solutions to the flows of personal and institutional involvement in memory processes.